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NYC FlooringNYC Flooring has beeninstalling beautiful Hardwood floors in New York for more than 15 years. We pride ourselves in making your home or business beautiful from the ground up. Let NYC Flooring refinish your existing floors or install brand-new hardwood floors.

Our primary focus is to serve professionals in the building industry like Developers, Architects and Interior Designers. We also provide advice and demonstration to homemakers that are interested in our floorings.

With our vast experience accumulated, plus testimonies from homeowners and industrial professionals, this just tells you that NYC Hardwood Flooring is the most reliable, trusted and preferred vendor for laminate flooring in the market amongst others, where high quality flooring and services are concerned.

NYC Flooring specializes in hardwood floor installations, hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor staining, hardwood floor repairs, and pre-finished flooring installations for commercial businesses throughout the greater New York City area. Whenever you need a Hardwood Flooring contractor in New York, Call NYC Flooring at 212-619-2269

Why Choose Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring is:

  • Economical
  • Long-lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A valuable investment in your business

Hardwood Flooring NYC, Brooklyn, Queens NY

Potentially you need to need to supply idea to wood flooring that's engineered. Is this your very first time inserting in hardwood flooring NYC? When you've got you are conscious of what a dirty and laborious work it's. For those who would still need the appearance of hardwood flooring without all the painstaking work, believe of engineered wooden flooring. For commercial flooring engineered wooden is suitable for company offices and suites. Engineered wooden floors from NYC Flooring retain the same look and first-rate that you just want with hardwood floors, as opposed to laminate flooring. That is certainly the same distinctive factor as ordinary hardwood flooring, but somewhat simpler to put in. Instead than struggling with sanding and all the extra work that is included, the one factor to do is set up and then it's in a position.

In addition, there are tons of deserves to installing a wood floor that’s been engineered as an alternative than a laminate floor. Essentially the most gigantic deal is that the floor will not be going to end up destroyed with scratches. If you have laminate flooring, it is simple to assemble and convenient to maintain, but if it will get a dig or scratch on it, the piece of floor is ruined. With engineered wood flooring, that you can sand down the spot and refinish it and no one will be the wiser.

It’s urged against inserting hardwood floor in wet areas, however that you could put engineered wood floors in areas in order to acquire mild moisture. This variety of flooring is correct for basement and kitchen areas. Assuming that they don't seem to be overly damp or encounter leaks or flooding, you should have no problems together with your floor. Durable engineered wooden is an effective alternative for industrial flooring in company workplaces.

An additional ability to this kind of floor from NYC Flooring is that it's so simple to put in. You will more commonly have two options with regard to securing your floor: nailing it down or gluing it down. If you happen to purchase the thinner planks, it's exceptional that you nail them down.. This can be a very attractive alternative as you'll no longer danger harming the finish that has already been utilized to the flooring.

The engineered wooden floors is extra pricey than laminate hardwood floor from NYC Flooring is without doubt one of the arguments put forward through the advocates of laminate flooring. Every now and then laminate floor could also be more highly-priced ultimately than a wooden floor due to the fact that you cannot sand it so you ought to replace it finally. Just a bit of injury, and also you really gained have saved any money at all.

Engineered floors will provide you with the good looks of hardwood flooring NYC without all of the bother associated with installing standard hardwood flooring. But no longer best is it less complicated and rapid to put in, but you are going to collect the gorgeous look of real hardwood floors you will experience for a long time.

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